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28-03-2011 Shaun reeves interview

On february 14th it's been one year since I first saw this blue-eyed guy with beautiful long fingers. There  was something in his look that reminded me of a lonely wolf-cub, and during that time he became a noble lion. Read the interview, which I took for my favorite portal of your favorite musician - first interview of Shaun for Russian music lovers. Shaun Reeves - an American DJ and producer who gained fame releasing tracks on several labels - Crosstown Rebels, Wolf and Lamb and Visionquest and others. A resident of the world's famous clubs like Fabric (London), DC10 (Ibiza), Club der Visioner (Berlin).

1)Where were you last weekend? who did you play with?

Friday was our Visionquest party at Watergate in Berlin. I was playing with Ryan Crosson and Seth Troxler, 2 of my partners on the label (the other is Lee Curtiss).  Was an amazing night, a perfect start for the label.  Saturday I played in Milan w/ Ryan at a warehouse party for Alta Voz.  Big Italian rave, super fun.

 2)How do you feel after 3 days of partying and traveling? There must have been an afterparty?
I feel amazing. Friday was a home gig (in Berlin) and the short flight to Milan was easy. I might have hung out a bit after the party but nothing too deep.

3) What helps you feel better after a long weekend?
My couch

4)Where are u now?
At  home in berlin
5)Have you been making any tracks lately?
Yesterday night we (with Seth Troxler) made a remix for dj T.

-By the way, why happened to Seth Troxlers gig in Moscow in Arma 17?
He tore a page of his passport by mistake, and this made it a problem for the Russian Embassy to make him his visa, and unfortunately he didn't have enough time to make himself a new one.

6)Do you think that you are famous?
I don't want to think that i am, i just play music,.

7)In my country there is a remarkable expression that every soldier wants to be a general. Is it important for you to be a superstar and to play on the stadium?
I don't like talking about being a super star, its not MTV and we're not rockstars. I don't like telling funny, stupid stories  in order to become famous, good music attracts more attention than fucking stories.

8) I want to tell people who you are and where you come from.. so lets talk about some of your history! ok?
Ok, why not Govor?

9)When did you decide to become a dj, where and how did it happen?
11 or 12 years ago. It just kind of happened. I started liking the music and going the parties. Soon after that I made friends with people who were djs and had the equipment.

10)Who taught you?
Myself mostly, i think that djing is something that you mostly have to learn on your own,to find your own way and taste in music

11)Tell me one important thing that you learned.
The most important thing is how and when to play the songs/tracks in the right order, like how to tell a story with the tracks/set.

12)As we know you are from Detroit, so did you earn any money at that time?
I never made money in Detroit.

13) Is this why you moved to Europe?
I moved to Europe for many reasons, one of the reasons in the end was the possibility to dj as a job, there is much more of a scene of market here.

14) Did you change your  music style when you moved to Berlin? what did you play in Detroit?
I'm sure that my style changed a bit when i moved because of all of the new influences and the fact that there are much more record shops in Berlin than in Detroit. I did, however ,play a lot of the music that i played from the beginning in Detroit so there is some part of my style that have always been with me.

15)Tell me about your style?
Oh, i can't, i really can't describe music with words so well.
Most of the times housey, a bit of techno in there. always with a bit of emotion but focused on groove.
Check our label Visionquest in the future for an example of this.

16)Why did you open your own label,when before you were on such a nice label like Crosstown and Wolf and Lamb?
We opened our own label so that we could share our vision of music in the future with the world.  This is something that you can't do on labels of other people, that's their vision,it's about our music and music of our friends that we support.

18)Was it hard to make your own label?tell me about one of the biggest problems you had to face and how did you solve it?
It's not easy, that's for sure, but if  everyone would do a label,  it wouldn't be special,there are many things to be solved. it's a labor of love for sure.

19) So what do you focus on when you make music on vinyl? cause digital is totally taking over vinyl and many labels are almost bankrupt?
For the vinyl we are focusing on the quality of the music/product and on the packaging around it, to make it stand out from all the rest and to make the person who is buying it feel special to have it in their hands. Like a collectors item.

20)What does the word "special" mean to you?
For me something special should have a message or a very unique style that appeals to me, it should be made with love or come from a special place.

21)Is being in love special to you?
Yes it's very special,it's an important part of life.

22)Are you in love?
I'm in love yes. In love w/ life, w/ music, and some russian girl.


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