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16-03-2011 American adventures

 I was lucky enough to be in Miami in the middle of January. Outside it was about 10 degrees , the ocean was a terrible light grey color and it was hardly possible to walk outside because of the wind.

I sat on a huge windowsill in a 4 star hotel and stupidly stared at the crazy palm trees, which were being torn out of the ground.

I remembered how great it was in Miami in late March where for 14 years in a row the  Music Conference was held, where you could meet very famous djs and not, producers, singers! And this year they moved, or actually divided the conference. The conference itself with conferences and performances of commercial artists will be in early March, and the  techno part in the end, as usual. According to rumors they split the conference because the famous Ultra festival has signed an exclusive and artists cannot play anywhere else on these dates. Another version is that in order to make March in Miami a totally partying month: first goes the conference, then Miami Fashion week well, and more underground line up at the end of March!

I confess that this year I probably will not go to any conference, because despite the fact that at the beginning of my Miami vacation there was terrible weather, cold and rain, I liked it a lot more in January than during the partying and total madness in March.

First, rent a hotel in the area of ​​Ocean Drive Miami Beach, if you will be able to rent a car, it is possible to find something further away on South Beach, but keep in mind the farther you go, the more boring it will be. For example on prices, we took the hotel for 10 days on 15 street for $ 89 a day, when the same room in early March will cost $ 279. Concerning the food ,of course on the Lincoln road or Colins avenue  you will find super high prices, but if you walk around and look on small streets you'll definitely find very tasty and decent place.

Breakfast at the Coffee News on Ocean drive and 8th Street. Every morning there you can read the latest press from around the world and in all languages​​. You will totally fit in $ 10 or 15, having breakfast for all tastes http://www.yelp.com/biz/news-cafe-south-beach-miami-beach

For having a snack with warm  fresh buns I would recommend the famous La sandwicherie, which is at 14 street, closer to Washington Avenue if going from  Colins to Washington street, following the right side you'll find quite an inconspicuous eatery, by the way they also sell freshly squeezed juices there, which is strange, cause in this southern city it is difficult to find even fresh orange juice, only packaged juices http://www.lasandwicherie.com/

For sure you'll have a  pleasant dinner only on Espanola way, there is an entire block of restaurants with cuisines of the world. I was particularly impressed by the people who came to have dinner with their pets.http://www.southbeach-usa.com/scene/scene1/espanola-way/espanola-way.htm

On this street there is a yoga center, a beauty salon, an excellent boutique of young designers from Los Angeles and a charming dog boutique. I confess that recently dogs impress me much more than elegant clothes and fashion shoes. 

And of course I couldn't do without parting.

Generally I mostly like the Electric Pickle (2628 N Miami av), they've got the best parties with very interesting artists, more underground I think. The first time I was there I missed my plane back home to Moscow. It was a party on Sunday, Hot Nature with Jamie Jones:))) and in January there was a party with Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, we had a plane to Washington in 3 days time. Thanks God.

Then on 2 place I have Nocturnal (50 NE 11th St, Miami) there they have got the best after parties. I remember 5 am, Steve Lawler (there was a party at his villa) gently asking us to go, but since we weren't ready to sleep (we is me, Sender, Svetozar, Goshva, Kostya, Rijiy and 3 girls (total of 10)) we all fit into one rented american car and went to an after party. Before that, I called Marcus Fix, and asked him to put Govor and 9 of her friends on the guest list,he was so happy about that, he said that he was in an apartment but had no idea what the address of the place was .That's how we saved the after party, Marcus found the club and we had lots of fun together!

And thirdly I choose Space, it's the one right next to Nocturnal. I'll never forget how I came to Space without my documents and a switched off phone  20 minutes after my Abel and Beekeeper. I wasn't let into the club, had no one to call and the worst was that I didn't remember the address of my hotel in Miami... so I had to cry.... And what Timo Maas said was that in the history of  club Space I was the first to be let in by the security without a passport and money into the club.

My American adventure stories during the night are one better than the other.The last one happened in the capital city of America. The day before my gig, me and Reeves went to support his friends in a club. While I was giving all the DJs vodka in a glass, the security thought I was doing something illegal and in absolutely a few seconds threw me out of the club threatening not to let me in ever again. 
I was totally shocked, they were so rude and on my place there could have been anyone, even  Ricardo and Magda, because in such a club the main decision is made by the security. 
But thanks God my promoter has been and probably will be Denis Bejan, who made the best party in the city - Loft and took care of me as the guys from Arma usually do! If you get booked by Denis -You are lucky! 

My adventures ended with a long flight and I wanted to get back home like never before.

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